OMG : Oh My Green!

by Zetty Zulkini April 03, 2014

Hello guys!

Ever thinking of having your own mini jungle in your home?  Today, we have something for those of you who want to add greens to your interiors.  And it’s a myth that you need to have ‘ green thumb’ to add plants in your house! What you need to do is to get to know the plant a little bit better and it will be easy as it goes along the way.

One of our favourite houseplant decorations is terrarium. It is easy to make and very versatile. You can style it in various themes e.g. whimsical, modern and etc.


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To start, you will need materials and tools essentially for your terrarium.

You can find glass jar / vase in our store. We are having two types of terrarium jar which are the side open glass and wooden-base glass. Terrarium plants should be based on the size of the container and conditions you set forth. Almost any type of houseplant can be used for terrarium but generally you will need a small plant. We are using low-light plants in an open container such as Fittonia Argyronuera (red anne and mini white ). Succulent plants work well too. Using an open container will retain less humidity.  

You will need to wash your container with antiseptic soap before you start layering your soils so that it will be free from bacteria. Now, you can start by putting the pebbles on the first layer and continue the steps shown in picture above. Finally, let your imagination runs wild and create your own mini jungles by putting little ornaments, rocks, figure or whatever you like!


Stay tune and grab your own terrarium and terrarium kit in our store available soon in May!



Zetty Zulkini
Zetty Zulkini