Do these 5 things, and you’ll be successful wherever you go.

But before that, let me just share a very exciting news with all of you.

JOY DESIGN STUDIO had just been shortlisted as Alliance Bank BizSmart Challenge Top 20 companies to move forward to a grand prize of ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES. To read more about the competition, click here.

So, these top 20 companies were then groomed and ‘brain washed’ with countless hours of workshops and motivational talks from the business industry. And you know how people say, like attracts like, and the more you spend your time with positive surroundings, you’re more likely to become more positive.

And that’s just how our Boss left the workshop feeling. 

Back to our main topic : How do you motivate yourself coming into work?

Last week, we had a Townhall meeting with the whole team and coming into the meeting we thought it was just our normal, monthly WIP meeting. Boyyy were we wrong.

Our Boss, still very much pumped from his workshop, came into work and changed the way we usually does our meeting. We were all seated in a ‘U’ formation with him standing in the front and center. He We can all see (and feel) how excited and energised he was and he too can’t wait to share what he learnt from his workshop with all of us.

He said he collected so much great informations during his time at the workshop and he summed up with these.


according to Sheikh Azrul

  1. GOALS (Niat / Purpose) - Imagine having to shoot an arrow without being given a target. Where would you aim? It‰'s pointless and a waste of energy and effort. Goals give you focus. With goals, you will know where to direct your effort and energy. You can have all the potential in the world but without focus, your abilities and talent are useless. Set your niat straight, and do it because of the higher power not just because of your own benefit only.
  2. STRONG - Strong does not mean to be strong physically but mentally and spiritually. Strong is knowing what suffering feels like and learning to rise above it. Strong is about being a fighter. It’s about continuing to fight even though you know you’re losing the battle. It’s about being kicked down over and over again and having absolutely no idea how you’re going to get yourself back up, but somehow always do. Strong is having hope where hope is lost and holding onto faith even through the darkest of times
  3. LOVE - Meaning having a heart and not afraid to use it at work. Love meaning that you’re considerate of other people’s work and feelings. Love also means that you’re willing to make sacrifices although it’s not convenient for you. And love also means having responsibility beyond your own means. Do your job because of love.
  4. COMMUNICATION & RESPECT - These 2 goes hand in hand because not only does better communication increases productivity at work, it helps us to understand our teammates better. And when you understand your teammates, you will build respect among each other. 
  5. DEVELOPMENT - It’s about knowing yourself and what you want to contribute in the company. It’s about understanding how your skills could improve the company and working towards that. It’s also about opening to new ideas and challenges, eager to learn new things for the betterment of the company and your career growth.

It's not always about higher wages. Or a comfortable chair. Or free dinner buffet at a fancy hotel. In my experience, motivating yourself is all about setting a vision for your future, but to do that you can’t be afraid to get dirty. (Read: detail planning and cold, hard work)

I think all of us know the ending to this story. 


It’s not the end, we are just starting. Look out world.