4 Tips On How To Match The Right Chairs With A Dining Table

If you've been shopping for the perfect dining table just to discover that it doesn't come with chairs that you prefer, you might be wondering if you would still want to purchase it. Should the dining table and chairs match even if you can't find matching chairs? Let us help you with that!

First of all, a dining table and chairs do not have to match. You may mix and match the colours, materials, and design depending on your own style. But if do prefer to have them looking as sleek as possible in your dining area and pleasing for the eye, here are some tips & tricks!

How To Match The Right Chairs With A Dining Table


  Faglar Marble Dining Table , Sandra Dining Chair

1. Consider The Height Of Chairs


  Kaiser Dining Chair , Solned Dining Table

Choose chairs that can be tucked away beneath the table. You won't want high-armed chairs that bump against the table. Choose seats that have suitable height and provide enough room when seated. The seat of the chair should be around 12" lower than the table's bottom.

2. Different Materials


  Brandon Dining Chair

Your dining table and chairs should not have the same main material. For example, if your dining table is fully made of wood, you shouldn't match it with fully wooden chairs. Try to make both the table & chair stand out! 

3. Different Colours


  Kaiser Dining Chair , Solned Dining Table

Besides having different types of materials, colours also play an important role. Having your dining table and chairs the same colour can be boring and underwhelming. Try mixing up the colours. These are some colour options that you can try: Brown + Grey , White + Green , Black + Orange , Brown + Black , Black + Blue.

4. Flooring Comes To Play


  Faye Dining Table , Radley Dining Chair

When it comes to matching the dining table and chairs, another thing to consider is the colour of your flooring. The most common mistake one can make is having a dining area with the same coloured table, chairs, and floor.

Now that we've given you some tips and examples on how to match your dining table and chairs, don't forget to post pictures of your dining area and tag us on Facebook or Instagram to be featured! Follow us on our social media platforms to see more design tips and tricks for your home.

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