Essential Furniture For A Refreshing Raya Look

Freshen up your home furniture to immerse in the Hari Raya festivities. With our exclusive Joy Lebaran Sale bargains, make your Raya celebration this year better than before.

A New Look For Your Home This Hari Raya


  Herlene 3 Seater Sofa , Aston Lounger , Aere L Coffee Table , Aere S Coffee Table , Skont Stool , Farsk Bookshelf , Dome Side Table

1. Mid-century Modern

  Clarkson Dining Table , Pedro Dining Chair , Vaggstall Modular Shelf , Jazz Frame


  Herre 3 Seater Leather Sofa , Aston Lounger , Flytar Coffee Table , Flytar Side Table , Kvall Side Table

The word "mid-century modern" refers to a design trend that grew in popularity following WWII. This style of modernist interior design stands out for it's vibrant use of colour, sharp lines, and dynamic dialogues with nature and the outdoors, with echoes of the Bauhaus and International movements. Colours such as orange, yellow, green, and brown dominate the concept's colour palette, though there are exceptions.

2. Scandinavian

  Scott L-Shape Sofa , Alice Lounger , Astrid Coffee Table , Astrid End Table Bradford Laptop Table

Scandinavian design represents a shift toward simplicity, functionality, and efficiency, while also emphasising affordability. It finds a delicate mix between functional minimalism and warm, personal appeals. Organic materials and clean detailing distinguish this interior design style. Black and white dominate the palette, with greys and the occasional splash of colour providing aesthetic satisfaction.

3. Boho Chic

  Ashleyy 3 Seater Sofa , Laurel Lounger , Hooka Round Stool , Seoul Nesting Table Bylsomm Throw Pillow , Samme Throw Pillow

  Roden Dining Table , Luvisa Rattan Chair , Farsk Bookshelf

The bohemian style interiors are defined by a distinctive and surprisingly stylish and cheerful mash-up of furniture, accessories, colours, textures, and so on. Fabrics and accessories burst with vibrant tones, colours and/or patterns, evoking the free-spirited lifestyle.

4. Urban

  Freida 3 Seater Sofa , Finnland Armchair , Barrel Coffee Table , Barrel Side Table , Samme Throw Pillow , Bylsomm Throw Pillow

  Solned Dining Table , Kaiser Dining Chair , Strand Console Table , Dust Frame

Urban interiors convey the gritty vibe of the city inside. This concept takes it's pick of ideas to arrive at something unique, not hesitant to explore with unique materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, etc. The industrial elements of urban style are emphasised. They have light colours with clean finishes, giving the space a hint of feminine aesthetic.

5. Contemporary

  Forsa 3 Seater Sofa , Laurel Lounger , Hedra Coffee Table

A design style that takes a more balanced approach to home design than the modernist aesthetic. The materials and colours are arranged in soft compositions that allow for both visual pleasure and functional efficiency. These are pleasant, inviting environments that are much more versatile and spontaneous in their creation. They are neither warm coloured nor excessively formal.

Try out any of these design styles for your home this Hari Raya and tag us on any of our social medias to be featured! Have a blessed Ramadan & a happy Eid, from Joy Design Studio.

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